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HOFITECH develops innovative technology solutions for low-power electronics and wastewater treatment industries. The core team consists of internationally recognized researchers with cross-disciplinary background in physics and chemistry.

The foundations were set up in 2014 by a freelance project for the segment of electrotherapy and wellness. Two years of development effort has been successfully shaped into first product - a miniaturized electrical muscle stimulation impulse generator developed for brand Nano Fitness BiroTM. In 2016 HOFITECH was founded and have become the exclusive developer and supplier of these devices, which have already been distributed to Spain, Austria or Saudi Arabia.

To promote the transition toward circular economy, in 2016 a development of an innovative treatment technology for highly polluted industrial wastewater with waste revaluation has been started. The technology has been already successfully demonstrated on real wastewaters from several local companies. 

HOFITECH has identified three key growth markets with significant potential to generate revenue that open up opportunities for advanced developments and environmental services in which we can offer our specialized expertise: 

Innovative solutions: development of advanced environmental friendly technologies 

Circular economy: waste to product promoting industrial symbiosis 

Treating difficult pollutions: treatment sludge and contaminated industrial wastewater 

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