Elektromos izomstimuláció

Our company is EMS Sport kft. exclusive developer in the field of EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology. Our EMS equipment under the Nano Fitness TM brand, together with the technological clothing (fitness clothing) equipped with Nano Fitness TM electrodes,  has been very successful in foreign sales in fitness and wellness centers.

Compared to our competitors, we achieved a size reduction of almost 15 times.

The EMS PCB (Printed Circuit) plate, the size of a mobile phone, can be easily attached to your technological clothing and enables free movement exercises even outdoors. This gives them a significant advantage over most competing companies, who connect their tech clothing via cables to a laptop-sized EMS device that restricts movement during exercise. Thanks to the parameterization of our device, our partner can offer a wide range of services to his clients during sales.

Whether it is amateur or professional athletes in order to increase their condition or muscle mass, or clients who simply want to shape up or lose weight, our development can provide a customized solution for each target group.

Our latest prototype development aims at rehabilitation applications, because together with our partner, we hope to alleviate one of the biggest public diseases of our time, spinal problems, with our EMS technology, namely with the help of an electrotherapy vest that can be worn even while working.

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