SmartMic - Wastewater recycling

Wastewater treatment with waste conversion 

Currently available treatment technologies for industrial wastewater are rather costly, inefficient and potentially hazardous to the environment. Our innovation redefines the conventional way of industrial wastewater treatment and waste management and contributes to environmentally sound and sustainable production. The highly innovative technology enables waste recycling through bridging the waste metal, wastewater treatment and high-tech metal oxide markets. When cleaning the water, we focus on the selective collection of organic and inorganic waste and its conversion into high-tech industrial powders.  

Smartmic means a greener and cheaper technology for wastewater treatment and waste revaluation. 

The technology gains special relevance in the light of the newest environmental regulations. The whole treatment process is free of liquid waste and is fully aligned with the principles of a circular economy. The extracted waste is effectively utilized and transformed back to other production input. This reduces waste production and beside the cost-effective wastewater treatment enables further cost reduction and presents a new business opportunity. The technology is fully scalable: from small enterprises to big corporates, all can benefit from our customised solutions. Our technological innovation hence improves the energy efficiency and reduce the ecological footprint of both wastewater treatment and manufacturing processes. It is a product with significant market and global growth potential, and ecological and social impact.

Bethlen Gábor Alap

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